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Festive Season Loans

Is that time of year again? For most, Christmas is a time to spend with you loved ones, having the ownership of cooking an expensive, yet tasty dinner for 10 and exchanging plenty of gifts. For others, quite the opposite. Christmas can be nothing but a massive bill and a whole lot of stress.

Loanski may be able to help. Why not take out a loan to cover all costs? It may take the stress out of the holidays for you. We even help people with bad credit in the UK. We can send you to a platform that has a whole lot of lenders that may be able to assist where others cannot.

Christmas, also known as ‘Xmas’ is an annual festival, celebrating the birth of Jesus on 25th December, every year.

Christmas Facts

There are many fun facts about Christmas and it’s traditions:

– Hanging stockings on the fireplace or wherever it may be, originally came from the Dutch. Reason for this being, it was a well-known tradition that people would pack their shoes for St Nicholas’s donkeys and would expect small rewards in return, to be left in their stockings.

– The French nuns of the 12th century would stuff their stockings with tangerines, fruits and nuts and leave them at the houses of poor.

– The holiday name ‘Boxing Day’ was created from all the money that was collected in church alms-boxes, which again were given to the poor.

– Apparently, putting the Robin bird on Christmas cards started as a joke over 150 years ago! Reason for this being, postmen at the time would wear red tunics.

– The mince pie was brought in to the festive period as an item of food to be eaten once a day, for the 12 days of Christmas as it would bring you good luck.

– In 1938, the famous Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer was invented for a US firm’s Xmas promotion.

– The original colour of Santa’s outfits were green until Coca-Cola took over and changed St Nicholas’s style to a bold red colour. Santa’s large red outfits have been a well-known representation of Christmas since 1931.

– Apparently, Kris Kringle has his own direct phone number! Say goodbye to the old fashioned requests via letters and stamps!

You can try and catch the big man on (951) 262-3062. However, it has been known that certain fans from the UK, of Santa Claus have tried to contact him in the North Pole on this phone number and have failed to reach him.

– The chances of a ‘White Christmas’ in England and Wales are just 1 in 10. Scotland and Northern Ireland have a 1 in 6 chance.

– 13% of families always attend church on Christmas Day in the UK.

– 27% of families sit down and watch the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day.

– Children in the UK averagely receive 16 presents at Christmas.

Anyway, enough ‘fun’ facts about the Xmas period, let’s get serious. As previously mentioned, Christmas can be an extremely stressful time for many people around the world. Why not see if we can make this time of year slightly easier.

Merry Christmas

It is not uncommon for anybody to not feel so jolly during the winter months, leading up to the world-famous commercial event. We think it is fair to say that an extremely high expectation has been set by most for Christmas day, ultimately resulting in hundreds of pounds being spend on presents, per child or loved one. It is a well-known fact that prices of items hit a strong incline, with businesses being aware of the vulnerability that is sometimes caused by the pressure, provided by the annual event.

It goes without saying that buying plenty of toys, clothes, household items or any other miscellaneous items will result in a major financial stretch, whether it be temporary or making a permanent struggle even tougher, living in today’s society. Do not let the commercial pressure take control of your well-being. Yes, easier said than done but their are millions of people around the world that will spend Christmas with nothing. No presents, no Christmas dinner and no family. If you feel like your hair is falling out due to the pressure that is being put on you, below we have some alternatives.

You could push the actual purpose of the festive period on your family or loved ones, you know, spending time together. You could take the family out on a big walk, volunteer at a homeless shelter or make home-made gifts, essentially saving well-needed cash, yet giving people gifts that are, let’s say, ‘closer to home’. What you may spend on a present for somebody really does not matter. If the recipient of a present is decent enough, they will understand that it is the thought of a gift that counts, not the amount of money spent on it.

If you believe in having to spend what little money you could potentially have, on others for the sake of the holidays, we offer a fantastic service that shows the urgency, care and empathy at a time in need, like this one. You can apply for any amount between £100-£2000 over flexible periods of time. We charge no fees to use our website, applying will not affect your credit score and we offer the highest chances of loan approval. Whether your credit history is poor or immaculate, we welcome your short term loan application.

Christmas Gifts

Below we have written some potential ideas for your family at Christmas:

Kids aged 0-1: Clothes and savings. Let’s face it, kids this age really don’t care. Spending massive amounts of cash on children this age really isn’t necessary.

Kids aged 2-5: Clothes, bikes, remote control cars, toys, fancy dress outfits, junior tablet devices, trips out, dance classes, photo shoots, scooters or a trampoline.

Kids aged 6-10: Clothes, a camera for a YouTube channel (a big craze at the moment), a trampoline, a drone device, a bike and trips out.

For him or her: A night away, new trainers, clothes, jewellery, a television, a personalised item or a car, if you want to get lucky.

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