Representative 305.9% APR.
Representative example: £400 borrowed for 90 days. Total amount repayable is £561.92 in 3 monthly instalments of £187.31. Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate 161.9% pa (variable). We are an Introducer Appointed Representative of Quint Group Limited, who are a credit broker not a lender. Introduces customers to Monevo Ltd who are an Appointed Representative of Quint Group Ltd, for the purposes of obtaining a loan. does not provide any loan or consumer Credit products directly.

Warning: does not charge any fees. If you are contacted by anyone saying they are calling or emailing from Loanski offering you a loan or requesting you to make an upfront payment you should report this to as we are aware that there is currently scam using the Loanski brand. We never make any unsolicited calls or emails.

Fast Loans

In a dash for cash?! Get a decision now!

*We do not supply fast loans directly, we act strictly as an affiliate of a short term loan broker*

You can expect an automated answer within 3 minutes.

**Applying will not affect your credit score but if you accept the loan offer a full credit check will be performed

3 simple steps to get Fast Loans!

Applying for a fast loan has never been easier

Fast Loans No Guarantor

Thanks to the internet, mobile phones and today’s technology that contributes towards website like our own, you can say goodbye to appointment arranging, sit-down meetings, postal methods and lengthy approval windows.

You can apply for a fast loan on our website in as little as 3 minutes and could receive the cash in as little as 10 minutes. Impressive or what?

The majority of people applying for fast loans these days do it on their mobile phones. This can make the application itself a much more convenient process. You can now apply while walking your dog, on your way to work or just at home.

To meet the high expectations of loan approval these days, many lenders in the United Kingdom provide something called Fast Loans. Loans are almost never an expected line of credit to be applying for.

A lot of the time they are applied for out of unexpected need and urgency. Lenders have recognised this and give the consumer the ability to obtain their cash through a website like ours in 10 minutes if approved.

If you’re looking for a fast loan in the United Kingdom, you’ve landed on the right page. Simply click ‘Apply Now’.

Using our services leave no credit footprint on our customers credit reports, so why not give us a go? There are many other benefits to using us our services such as; speedy approval, no application fees, non-obligatory quote, no paperwork, a potential instant offer and flexible repayment options.


1) Can I apply with poor credit?
Yes, of course! We at Loanski welcome all credit history ratings. From poor to excellent, we have access to the the tools to potentially benefit you during the loan application process.

2) Does it cost to use Loanski?
No, is the simple answer. We charge our customers £0 to use our services. We believe in helping the customer at a time in need, not make it worse. Especially before being approved!

3) How does the customer journey work?
Again, a simple, straightforward procedure. You apply for your loan by clicking the big ‘Apply Now’ button above. You can’t miss it. You will then be asked to complete the quick-responding application form. Now this is the part that can take as little as 3 minutes. Once done, submit your fast loan application and within seconds, you will be fired down a large panel of lenders belonging to a financial broker called Monevo. At this stage you will receive an instant decision and potentially taken across to a lender to finalise the deal.

So, what is it you intend to spend your money on?

Home improvements? A new car? Motorcycle? Debt consolidation? A well deserved holiday?
Whatever the need, We’re here to help you obtain your fast loan.

Below we have some interesting facts regarding payday loans:
1) Per year, the average loan borrower takes out 8 loans per year.
2) 80% of fast loans are either rolled over or renewed. – Our only advice would be to make sure you will be in a comfortable position to pay back the agreed loan amount on time, in the near future.
3) The average loan amount borrowed is around £450.
4) The OFT is aware of around 240 payday lenders in the United Kingdom.

Quick Loans Bad Credit

Consumers applying for loans to cover the costs of holidays or unexpected trips away from home take up a massive percentage of the entire market after looking at the ‘Reasons to apply for a loan’ survey, recently published by Loanski co-founder Zak Machin. Whether it be a a self-paid for business trip or family holiday, we offer an extremely swift process for consumers to potentially fetch the funds they require. Consumers have been known to continuously take out holiday loans without really considering the repayments, essentially being unable to manage their money correctly, in order to live a comfortable lifestyle. Having to pay back several holiday loans can cause more stress than what it is worth. Ironically, a lot of people decide to take holidays to unwind and escape the financial stress they are in. Remember, a holiday is only temporary. The repayments and other potential debts will be waiting for you as soon as you arrive home. We’re not trying to put you off applying, we just want to make sure that our consumers apply for loans responsibly. If you feel like you are in a financial mess having to pay back too many costly trips, be sure to visit websites such as The Money Advice Group. A short term loan may not be the answer you are looking for.

If your outgoings are well organised, you have worked hard and fancy spoiling the family, apply now!

Do you have family or friends that live abroad? You could book your trip overseas today. All’s you need is a few minutes spare to get an instant decision. To apply for a fast loan, you need to have an active bank account, have a reliable source of income, be 18 years of age or older and be a resident of the UK.

If you are unsure about your finances or would like help and advice you may wish to contact the Citizens’ Advice Bureau –

Direct Debit Loans

Short term loans or payday loans may be the answer for that unexpected direct debit you just have not saved the money to pay this month. The last thing anybody needs when in the market for any form of credit, is a late or missed payment on a direct debit that is listed on your credit file. Direct debits like this include some gas and electric suppliers, mortgage lenders, phone bills, credit cards, loans providers etc. Let’s face it, bounced direct debits are something that most of us have had to deal with at some point. It is not uncommon to receive a text message from your bank account providers advising you that you have gone in to an unplanned overdraft or have missed payments. Is there anything worse than going in to a store to do your weekly food shop and have your card declined? No is the answer to that one! Check your online banking, familiarise yourself with your outgoings, make sure the funds are available or take out a temporary short term loan to fix the issue. Problem solved!

 Advantages of using Loanski
Loan Amounts£100 to £2000 ^High Acceptance Rates
Application Decision Time3 Minute Automated Decision!100% Online No Paper Work!
Payout TimeAs fast as 10 Minutes! ^SSL Secure Application
Fee For Application£0 We Don't Charge Fee's!Multiple Lender Platform
Poor Credit Score?All Credit Scores Welcome!No Obligation