Representative 305.9% APR.
Representative example: £400 borrowed for 90 days. Total amount repayable is £561.92 in 3 monthly instalments of £187.31. Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate 161.9% pa (variable). does not provide any loan or consumer Credit products directly.

Guaranteed Loans

If accepted you could have the money in your account within 10 minutes!*

You can expect an automated answer within 3 minutes.

**Applying will not affect your credit score but if you accept the loan offer a full credit check will be performed

3 simple steps to get your loan!

Applying for a loan has never been easier

Guaranteed Payday Loans for Bad Credit

Guaranteed loans? Sorry but it’s never guaranteed you’ll get a loan –  BUT! We have access to one of the most technological advanced loan search engines on the market that searches a large list of lenders. What does this mean?

High chance of acceptance! Because we have access to such a large list of our partner’s lenders, you have more chance of getting that guaranteed loan.

Applying only takes a few minutes. Its simple and easy. Once the application is complete you can expect an automated decision within 3 minutes.


Guaranteed loans cash advance today

If you need cash in advance today then Loanski is the place to go, as we can forward you to a lender in no time at all. We take applications from £100 to £2000.

Short term loans carry risk you must make sure you are able to repay the loan.

One of the amazing things about today’s world is technology has allowed you to apply for a loan online, have the lender automatically check the credit profile, send back an automated decision and even pay out money all within a 15 minute time frame.


Guaranteed loans bad credit

If you have bad credit, don’t worry. They can guarantee you will get an answer. You can apply no matter how bad your credit score is as they have an extremely high acceptance rate.

The lenders that accept will be based on your credit profile. Your credit score will not be affected by the application.

You will find the APR will increase when your credit is worse but this is just a part of the credit world.


Weekend Loans

It’s the weekend, weekend, weekend. What’s the plan? You might be hitting the local pub or strolling down to the clubs with your friends, you may be travelling away with the family somewhere for a few nights of maybe something different. Which ever it is, you will most certainly need money to do anything of the sort.

Weekend loans are available as an option to boost finances while you’re out having fun.

Weekends today have become the much desired point of the week, everyone is working away from that dreaded Monday and then those long 4 days following until Friday!

We all get the tingles with excitement ready for the last day of work and 2 days of fun, it’s a short lived period that usually consumes 5 days of earnings sometimes even more!


Weekend Payday Loans

Weekends of this type have only been around since the 1900’s. Before that when human rights were non-existent, people really got driven into the ground with 6 or 7 day working weeks for really long hours.

Henry Ford, the American founder of Ford Motor Company was one of the first major firms to start a 2 day weekend. This is why we find it so fascinating;

He wanted to sell more of his cars but if he kept his workers in work for longer, they had no time to actually drive them. So he let them have 2 days off a week so they could enjoy their cars.

The Federal Government didn’t follow along until 1938, when they introduced the 40 hour working week.

Since then things have changed a huge amount with companies choosing all sorts of setups like ‘4 on 4 off’ for example.

The Netherlands for example, has a 4 day working week and it’s proven to be very successful with people loving the setup. Sweden have also been known to dramatically reduce the expectation of working hours.

Either way, no matter what hours you work, you will always look forward to weekends off and spending time with your family or friends.

If you’re set to shoot away and need an emergency cash boost, Loanski can help. You can simply fill out the application form and get an automated 3 minute decision that will not affect your credit score. Even if you’re rejected.


Instant Cash Loans

It’s exactly what it says on the heading, instant cash loans in you bank account within 10 minutes, applying for loan in today’s modern technological world allows you to get a quote within 3 minutes and cash in the bank within 10.

In an ever demanding financial world where inflation continues to rise and the standard living costs become more each year loans have now become a place where people get from mid month to month end.

We only advise using a loan as an emergency cash fund if you can repay the loan without problem, if you are struggling with money problems and cannot afford to repay a loan please visit The Money Advice Service.

Loanski is an authorised introducing partner of Monevo. Once you apply on our website, our partner cross check your details with multiple lenders and return an instant cash loan decision within 3 minutes time, potentially, if you are approved.


Fast Cash Loans

Fast cash can be a much needed thing if you’re in an emergency and want some quick cash. This system allows you to get money in no time at all. Applying is easy and from beginning to end, applicants can see cash landing in their account within 20 minutes in total.

Have you ever been in a situation where you need money instantly or for an emergency? Fast cash loans can be the answer.

Instant Cash Loans No Credit Check?

No loan application has no credit check. This is a myth within the financial world. It is impossible for a lender to accept your application without first knowing what is hidden on your credit profile. We do how ever perform a soft pull of your credit report, which may affect your credit rating.

The good thing to remember is our partner match your details with multiple lenders in one search, so you have a very high chance of acceptance rather than going to each potential lender individually.


Instant Payday Loans

It’s mid month and you have had a nightmare come from out of nowhere, your financial situation has took a turn for the worst, you’re usually able to get through each month and not have to worry but you now need money. Instant Payday Loans are perfect financial products to tie you over until you wages come in.

No one wants to be left short for a few weeks while you wait for that payday, so paying back some interest but making sure you have money to float by can sometimes be a helpful situation.


Funeral Loans, UK

Funerals, a sensitive subject yet unavoidable. It is no secret that funerals are continuously becoming more expensive and have been know to be as expensive as £10,000, plus and the funds are required quickly. In a lot of cases; instant, quick loans are a necessity.

Here at Loanski, we can try and help you take out a loan to cover all, if not most of the costs. our system will allow you to apply for a loan, anything between £100-£2000. We will do our upmost to help you arrange the send off your loved one deserves.

Apply now. The floral letters can cost around £50 each. On top of that you have the coffin, service, cremation/burial and wake to pay for. Dying isn’t cheap these days.

This is how it works:

Apply for your funeral loan. You do this by clicking the big ‘Apply Now’ button above. We have a modern application form that can take as little as 3 minutes to complete.
You’ve completed your application form. We will now fire the application off to a broker, who will then show your application to what could be over 100 different lenders, in hope that one of them will approve you.
If you have been approved, you could receive the cash in as little as 10 minutes!
A swift yet quality service. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible outcomes for our customers. Especially at such a sensitive time.



Does it cost to apply for a loan?

The simple answer to this is no. Loanski charge £0. Absolutely nothing for a customer to apply for a loan.

Will it affect my credit score?

Again, no. Just by applying for a loan through our website, your credit score will not be affected.

I have poor credit, can I still apply?

Yes. We at Loanski welcome all credit histories. From poor to excellent, we may be able to help.

Do I have to spend my money on funeral costs?

No. You can apply for a loan to pay for whatever product or requirement you wish.


Funeral Loans Bad Credit

Did you know..

  • The average amount spent on a funeral with a traditional burial is £4,257.
  • The average amount spent on funeral with a cremation is £3,311.
  • 70% of all funerals in the United Kingdom are cremations.
  • It took 28 years of campaigning in the United Kingdom for cremation to become legal. This was done in 1902.
  • £150 is the average amount spent on flowers at a funeral.
  • Flowers have been placed on graves since the Roman times.
  • 54% of people would prefer a personalised funeral over a traditional funeral. Our Funeral Loans web page could be the answer to your problems. Well, some of them anyway. We want to help as much as we possibly can. Our only advice would be to make sure you will be in a suitable position in the near future to payback the agreed loan amount, on time.
  • Did you know a casket only has 4 sides. A coffin has 6 sides.
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Loan Amounts£100 to £2000 ^High Acceptance Rates
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