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Loans for Poor Credit

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Poor Credit Loan Application Requirements

  • 18 years of age
  • UK resident
  • Have a sustainable income

If you wish to apply for your poor credit loan now then simply head on over to our fast and easy form to complete your application for a loan.

Unsecured Loans For People With Poor Credit

Looking for a loan with poor credit? You have come to the right place. Welcome to Loanski, the online loan and credit specialists. If you have poor credit, apply now. For the sake of 3 minutes, it could be the move you’ve been looking to make for a while.

Let’s tell you a bit about us and what we can do for you.

We work with a credit broker called Monevo. We send all payday loan application through to our partner, who has their own large panel of UK payday lenders, covering most of Britain.

Working with a company like Monevo give you a higher chance of being approved for your desired payday loan.

We have the tools for you to apply for a loan between £100 and £2000. This can be done of flexible terms that suit your personal needs. Our brand new application form can take around 3 minutes to complete.

If we get you the answer you are looking for, you could have your money within 10 minutes!


Poor Credit Loans Instant Decision

We are a company that prides ourselves on the speed of our delivery, yet being able to provide the best possible quality. We hold the correct business relationships, experience and behaviours to get the job done as quickly as possible, showing the required urgency in some situations. To be honest, we’re just good at what we do.

Loanski welcome all levels of credit history. From poor to excellent, we want your application! We have a justified reputation when it comes to helping out with approval for people with poor credit history.

The services are completely free to use. We want nothing but the best outcome for you, taking away any potential stress by doing the hard bit for you. Sit back and relax. Your loan approval could be only a few clicks away.

To apply for a payday loan, you must have a bank account, be at least 18 years of age, live in the United Kingdom and stable income.

Our only heads up would is to make sure you will be in a suitable position in the near future to make the agreed repayments on time before submitting your application. Missed repayments can cause financial hardship and potential CCJ’s.

Loanski was founded in February 2018 by two executives in the product, financial and regulatory market. The business itself is inspired by years of business experience, the want to help others, personal experiences and a passion for digital marketing.

Loanski leave no credit footprint if declined for your payday loan application. What have you got to lose?!

Poor Credit Loans

What causes poor credit?

A poor credit score can be the result of a number of things. The first ones being obvious- missed payments and late repayments. Either one of these can be hugely detrimental to your credit score and future intentions in regards to taking out any form of credit.

Another thing to keep in mind when looking at your current credit score is whether you have had any form of credit in the past. Having no credit may be seen as just as bad when applying for anything major, for example a mortgage or a large personal loan.

Co-founder of Loanski, Zak Machin says he found the best way to obtain larger lines of credit was to hold credit cards with small balances, spending responsibly and making all repayments early or on time.

We are not a company that is authorised to be giving any sort of advice to consumers, but what we can do is talk about previous experiences and facts, in which we hope can benefit you from reading our posts.

Loans are applied for everyday. Whether they be payday loans, short term loans, personal loans or secured loans. The market is extremely active and doesn’t seem as if it is going to slow down any time soon.

A payday loan is a set amount that a consumer would borrow with a set expectation of paying the full amount back on the following pay day. A short term loan is a set amount that can be borrowed out over a period of 12 months or less.

A personal loan is usually quite a high figure to apply for, to be taken out over 13 months or more and a secured loan is when you borrow cash on a certain belonging, like a house or any other worthy asset.


Where would we be without credit?

An interesting conversation to had, maybe. Imagine having to save the funds to buy a regular 2 bedroom terraced property in the North West of England. According to statistics, it would cost roughly around £100,000 on average.

Now let’s say that you are a person in a stable relationship, both working full-time on wages around the £18,000 per year area (going off averages). Each member of the relationship would take home around £1,302 every month.

Most people have been known to save around £200 each to put towards a brand new home deposit (keeping in mind that’s to apply for a form of credit). With that being at £400 every month as a pair, as a couple you would have to save for this amount consistently for 20-25 years.

Quite an unrealistic expectation with the average relationship lasting between 3 months and 2 years. Thank god for credit! Saving for this alone could be a 50 year wait.

Moving on from property, another interesting topic is education. Yes, it may seem irrelevant, but is it? Education has proven to become increasingly more expensive with a lot of parents having to pay for their child’s school trips, uniform, school photographs, dinners and after-school activities or clubs.

These can include dance lessons, football lessons, gymnastics, horse riding, swimming and so on. The list in endless. The point is that most things concerning school and education is not cheap.

With people struggling to have any money spare after direct debits and weekend spends on the kids have left the account, what money is there to spare? A short term loan is commonly taken out to cover the simplest of things you or I may take for granted. Give us a go, apply now!

 Advantages of using Loanski
Loan Amounts£100 to £2000Highest Acceptance Rates
Application Decision Time3 Minute Automated Decision!100% Online No Paper Work!
Payout TimeAs fast as 10 Minutes!SSL Secure Application
Fee For Application£0 We Don't Charge Fee's!Multiple Lender Platform
Poor Credit Score?All Credit Scores Welcome!No Obligation