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Text Loans

If accepted you could have the money in your account within 10 minutes!*

*We do not supply text loans directly, we act as an introducer to a financial broker*

You can expect an automated answer within 3 minutes.

Applying will not affect your credit score*

Text Loans Bad Credit

A great deal of direct lenders offer loans now that try to ensure that the money is put into your account as swiftly and efficiently as possible, this is due to an awareness that people often find themselves in a particular set of circumstances where a loan is essential and required immediately.

Lenders have accommodated this necessity and utilised the relevant technology to ensure widespread accessibility for all potential customers. One of the quickest and most convenient small loans on the market right now is a text loan.

This is where you can easily apply for a line of finance purely by text message. It’s very straightforward and easy to follow.

Smart Phone Loans

Smartphones are a ubiquitous part of daily life, so for any lenders to provide this service for short term loans is not just common sense but also an indication as to how the landscape of the lending market is changing in order to accommodate the consumer’s needs.

Once a loan has been applied for in this format most lenders guarantee a decision within half-an –hour, and for approved applications the money is usually within their account within an hour or sometimes even less.

This is ideal for a lot of people as it gives them the opportunity to secure a loan wherever and whenever needed without having an actual conversation with anyone. As the application process is so easy to follow due to its simplicity most big name lenders offer this now within the UK.

It is important to remember and consider that with any and all loans you should indeed weigh your options carefully and gather as much knowledge as possible so as to not make any financial decisions without giving it full consideration first to ensure that you are doing what is best for you. You would not want to rush into a situation which could lead you into potential economic hardship.

Something to consider and potentially be wary of is that there are certain lenders on the market that may promise ‘no credit check loans’; this would not be the case. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does require that every direct lenders need to conduct a mandatory credit check. ‘No credit check loans’ are completely false in that regard as they cannot operate in that manner.

It is illegal. A common concern for most seeking a loan is “Can I secure a loan even with Bad Credit?” and that is still considered when applying for a text loan.

The truth is that a strong amount of lenders are aware of this and offer an ever widening variety of loans which specifically focus on being able to assist people who have a poor credit history.

A lender will now potentially offer a diversity of text loans and solid text loan alternatives for a customer’s consideration.

They may not consider whether or not you have missed many loan repayments previously, instead choosing to review your employment status and your financial situation upon application.

They may do this to ensure that they are providing loans for customers even with a potentially poor credit history. When searching for a text loan online you may come across a loan introducer, their role is to match the customer (based on that customer’s specific requirements, etc) to the most appropriate and best suited loan available at time of application.

To try and ensure that everyone gets the relevant assistance in their search for a loan, these loan introducers and their partners specialise in catering to aid those with poor credit to gain access to same day loans as and when they need them.

They appreciate that looking for loans can be a considerably frustrating and stressful experiences especially when the circumstances may require the customer to secure a loan urgently, so they try to ensure that they can alleviate a lot of that potential strain and help in finding the perfect loan match.

How this works is by having a panel of alternative lenders who may be more apt in securing the finance that is being sought at the time of application. The lenders within this panel will usually have to successfully pass through strict sets of criteria.

This would help eradicate certain lenders who may not adhere to the law (for example as mentioned before lenders who offer text loans with no credit check); by removing these kind of lenders the customer will be possibly given the best opportunity to secure their desired loan with reduced concerns.

Interestingly enough due to advances in technology and the excessive reliance we seem to have with smartphones the mobile industry could be accused of being stagnant in terms of innovation in the last few years.

But, things could be about to change. Energizer is currently developing a midrange Android smartphone that could have a significant improvement on battery performance. We all complain at some point or another regarding poor battery life.

Well, Energizer are working hard on resolving this by producing a device that is fitted with a 16,000 –mAh battery (just to give you a comparison Apple’s iPhone X uses a 2,716 –mAh battery).

The device will be called the Power Max P16K. The company revealed a prototype to the Mobile World Congress. Many people that saw the phone stated that it was rather bulky in comparison to phones currently on the market (twice the weight and thickness) but packing such a battery it is to be expected. In fact the battery life could last for up to a week.

Another interesting innovation that is being cultivated by the minds at Bullitt (a U.K based licenced phone manufacturer) is constructing some useful devices.

Caterpillar is one of their partners and they announced earlier this year that the CAT S61, which is in their line of ultra-tough waterproof mobile devices. It isn’t just durable, it can visually record heat. We are talking temperatures ranging from an astonishing 752 degrees Fahrenheit all the way down to 4 degrees below zero.

It can use it’s thermal imaging technology to impose the thermal heat map over an image (kind of like augmented reality videos displaying heat) and this can be streamed live. The phones touchscreen is also impressive, it can operate when wet and even when wearing gloves.