Representative 305.9% APR. Representative example: £400 borrowed for 90 days. Total amount repayable is £561.92 in 3 monthly instalments of £187.31. Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate 161.9% pa (variable). We are an Introducer Appointed Representative of Quint Group Limited, who are a credit broker not a lender. Introduces customers to Monevo Ltd who are an Appointed Representative of Quint Group Ltd, for the purposes of obtaining a loan. does not provide any loan or consumer Credit products directly.

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If you’re after loans in the United Kingdom, then search no more, Loanski has you covered, quickly fill out the application form and get a fast instant answer in as little as 3 minutes.

Loans, if you’re reading this you want money, you need money for a reason which could be for a repair cost, new car, to get you through the month to payday.

In the United Kingdom an estimated 1.5 million people take out over 4 million loans annually totalling 1.5 billion pounds with an average loan amount of £300.

The average interest paid on loans in the UK on a £300 loan is £75 meaning you will have to pay £375 back the average APR example is around 1,355%.

APR is the Annual Percentage Rate charged on a loan.

There is no limit to how much a lender can charge in interest though if they charge to much people will simply refuse the loan so there is an average of 1,355% APR.

These figures may change over time.


Loans, if you’re reading this you want money, you need money for a reason which could be for a repair cost, new car, to get you through the month to payday.

In the United Kingdom around 1.5 million people take out over 4 million loans totalling 1.5 billion pounds with an average loan amount of £300

Quick Cash Loans

In the United Kingdom there is a financial product called Payday Loans. This type of loan is a fast loan that you can take out that very same day sometimes the money can be in you bank in 10 minutes.

Cash Advance Loans

With a cash advance loan the interest is usually higher than other loans because of the short term and low cost.

The average interest paid on loans in the UK on a £300 loan is £75 meaning you will have to pay £375 back the average APR example is around 1,355%

APR is the Annual Percentage Rate charged on a loan.

There is an average of 1,355% APR

These figures may change over time.

Some lenders charge an example of 2,300% the rate per loan.

Interest per lender may vary so always be aware when searching for a loan.

Try to read any interest rates and understand the amount to be repaid.

Same Day Loans

Most people choose a same day loan to because of the fast speed you can get the money into your bank.

The convenience of having fast cash allows people in emergency situation solve the problem

If you have ever been stuck in a situation and needed money fast same day loans can help.

Instant Payout Loans

Instant payout loans carry financial risks and should always be taken out with care.

Getting into financial problems? Sometimes a loan isn’t the answer because you can get caught in a payday loan trap.

Instant payout means you get money to your bank fast.

Guaranteed Acceptance Loans

If you want a guaranteed acceptance loan then you need to go to never land.

No such thing exists but there are companies that take higher risks than other companies.

These companies charge higher interest rates because you have no other choice but to use them

The reason no loans are guaranteed is because a decision comes from you credit score.

Depending on your credit score you may be guaranteed a loan the good thing is we can help you!

By filling in our application form we will search a very large panel of loan lenders and then provide you with the lender that has the best interest rate.

Instalment Loans

Instalment loans are loans that are paid in instalments over a period of time, these loans are best suited for people who want to repay the loan over a long time in smaller amounts. They can be accepted for high values for certain people sometimes for 10’s of 1000’s of pounds.

1 month loans

A one month loan is not an instalment loan, you are taking out a loan and saying you will pay it back in one go usually with a very high interest rate added on.

This is one of the most common types of payday loan, people run out of money mid month and then use payday loans to get to their next payday.

2 Month Instalment Loans

Two month loans are divided into two payments over a two month period.

Some people prefer this option if they take out more than they can afford to repay in one month.

3 Month Instalment Loans

Three month loans are taken in three payments.

This type of loan is for people who want to pay back the loan in quarter of a year.

With a three month instalment you pay one third of the total each month reducing the monthly costs compared to your income.

4 Month Instalment Loans

Four month loans last for quarter of a year and are repaid in four payments.

Each month the direct debit will be 25% of the total amount to be repaid.

5 Month Instalment Loans

Five month loans are withdrawn each month from your bank five times.

If you take out a loan for £500 and the interest is 20% you will repay £100 interest and £600 total. Over 5 months the repayments will be £120 per month.

6 Month Instalment Loans

Six month loans last for half a year and are extracted each month for six repayments.

The longer the repayment period the higher the risk for the lender in most cases so you will find the longer you lend the higher the interest rate.

7 Month Instalment loans

Seven month loans the loan that is one month longer than half a year.

You will have to make sure you can pay this loan in several payments.

After the 7th instalment the will be paid.

8 Month Instalment Loans

Eight month loans paid in payments over four months which is two thirds of a year.

From the beginning of the agreement you only have four weeks left to go before a year has been completed.

9 Month Instalment Loans

If you take out a nine month loan you have to pay it back before 10 months. Taking out a nine month loan is easy and you have three months remaining before a year is passed

10 Month Instalment Loans

A ten month instalment loan runs over two sets of five months.

A lot of people choose a ten month loan because it is shorter than a year and saves eight weeks of payments.

11 Month Instalment Loans

Eleven month loans are only four weeks away from a full 52 week loan.

Have you ever want to take a loan out over an eleven month period of time? The eleven month loan is for you.

12 Month Instalment Loans

Twelve month! The full year, this loan will end around the same date it started 52 weeks or four sets of three months ago.

You will be one year old and also gone through four whole seasons while this loan has been repaid.

Taking a loan out over a years time will break the cost of each payment down but increase interest.

Loans are a financial product where a lender agrees to lend a set figure to the person receiving the loan and they then pay back the loan over a set amount of time with an interest rate applied to it.

Interest rates on loans vary from person to person depending on their credit score, the amount being borrowed, the lenders interest rates and the loan repayment term.

When taking a loan for any reason it is wise to make sure that you can easily afford the repayments, you should never take out a loan if you have just lost a job and have no certain way to repay the loan.

In any event where you are financially struggling a loan is most likely a bad choice unless you have a guaranteed way to repay the loan without causing even more financial problems.

We advise you use loans for un-expected circumstances such as a car repair mid month but you know you can actually repay it through your regular income or for a business loan and you plan on making an income with the money, always make sure in the event any business plan fails you can pay the loan back with other sources of money.

You can only apply for a loan if you are 18 years and over anyone under this age is legally not allowed to take out a loan, if you require money but are under 18 years of age please speak to your parents for options because you are in the wrong place.

Applying for a loan is simple, just click the apply button, fill out the form and your application will be processed by the system giving you an automated answer.

Loans have been around for a very long time 100’s of years in fact, back then loans only had a way of using a paper ledger and it was much harder to get accepted for a loan due to how easy people could simply disappear with the money.

There different types of loans available in the financial market and they fall into two categories:

Un-secured loans

Un-secured loans are a type of loan that have no attachment or security and these are the hardest type of loans to acquire because they carry much higher risks to the lenders.

Examples of un-secured loans.

  • credit card debt
  • personal loans
  • bank overdrafts
  • credit facilities or lines of credit
  • corporate bonds (may be secured or unsecured)
  • peer-to-peer lending

Secured Loans

Secured loans are a type of loan where there is an attachment to a security where by if you fail to repay the loan the lender has the right to take back the object the loan was used for.

Examples of secured loans.

  • Mortgage
  • Car finance
  • Motorcycle finance

It’s much easier to be accepted for a secured loan but the chance of acceptance and level of finance value is still based on income and credit score for risk assessment reasons.

We offer many types of loan products which include:

Personal Loans

Personal loans are type of loan that is for personal reasons these may include buying presents for another person, a car repair, a short fall to get through the month, a new computer… The list goes on. Simply put its a loan that you use to obtain something you can’t currently pay for.

Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans are for people who have a bad credit score, these loans are provided by high risk lenders that are willing take a chance but they come at the cost of high interest rates, they are also known as credit building loans because those who actually complete the full term can increase their credit score.

Payday Loans

Payday Loans are a type of loan created for people who need a lump sum usually up to £10,000 and no longer than 12 months but paid in one go so if you borrow £1000 and have to pay £1200 in one go on the agreed date. This type of loan carries high risks for the borrower and can get you stuck in a trap so be careful.

Payday loans began in the 1980’s in the United States.

Payday loans are one of the easiest methods of fast easy cash into your bank in no time at all.

The process is one of the most simple and the majority of the time it requires no paper work.

You can apply for a payday loan online and not need to speak to a human or fill out actual paper.

The process being automated means cash can be in your bank in as little as 10 minutes.

Weather you need money for 1, 30 days, or 6+ months you can use a payday loan for the solution of needed money.

Make sure taking out a payday loan is affordable for you and do not get yourself into a worse financial situation.

No Credit Check Loans

No credit check loans are loans that have no credit check applied to your credit score, confusion makes people think these loans are given out without a check of your credit profile but this is not true as no lender is willing to provide a loan to a person without first checking their credit profile. The lenders perform a soft pull of the credit profile which does not leave a bad mark on your credit score if you are declined.

Same Day Loans

Same day loans are fast loans that go into you bank account the same day, sometimes within 15 minutes! This type of loan is great for people are in need of urgent cash fast for an emergency. Maybe you lost your card and have no access to money while travelling or need a cash advance in a speedy time before a place you are planning on purchasing closes.

Short Term Loans

Short Term Loans are loans that are given for a short period of time with minimal repayment instalments usually over a few months, these loans are great for people who don’t want to spend a long time repaying the loan but are normally only accepted for lower values of around £2500 maximum.

The term “Short Term” means the loan is for a short period of time, unlike other loans that you repay for 1 to 5 years or longer. You can pay a short term loan back the next day, 30 days or up to 6+ months.


The UK has a GDP of over 2.5 trillion the 5th largest in the world, this amount changes £1000s per second and the current total can be found online via Google.

80% of the UK’s GDP comes from the service sector, London is the financial front of the UK and boasts 25% of the total GDP of England.

The GDP rises on average of 0.4% per quarter but when talking trillions this is a staggering amount which is around 10 billion!

UK National Debt

The UK National debt is a staggering 2 trillion at the time of writing this post and rises £5000 a second!