Representative 305.9% APR.
Representative example: £400 borrowed for 90 days. Total amount repayable is £561.92 in 3 monthly instalments of £187.31. Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate 161.9% pa (variable). does not provide any loan or consumer Credit products directly.

Wage Day Advance

Don’t struggle till payday if you don’t have to, wage day advances can cover the gaps!

You can expect an automated answer within 3 minutes.

**Applying will not affect your credit score but if you accept the loan offer a full credit check will be performed


No time to wait for payday

If you have to no time to wait for payday due a financial emergency get a wage day advance now!


Bad Credit Accepted

Got bad credit? No worries, you still have a high chance of getting your wage day advance!

Fast payouts

With fast payouts your money will be with you in no time at all for most applicants!

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to


Wage Day Loans Bad Credit

Are you looking for a wage day advance loan today? Loanski has you covered, we are an all in one loan search engine that provides a fast and efficient solution to getting short term loans at the best rates. Try our wage day advance alternative today!

Is payday just out of reach but you need cash?

Working a job is the norm to most of us, we tirelessly put in the hours to pull the figures to make payday worth the while and most of the time it still isn’t enough.

Most people work full time jobs covering 40+ hours a week some even go as far as 70+ hours to bring in the figures they need to survive, provide for family and pay for fun times.

If you’re working hard but get to the middle of the month and run out of money you can get a wage day advance to cover the short fall until you get paid and even better we offer the option to repay in instalments so you don’t get stuck in the much dreaded payday loan trap.

There is no shame in taking out a wage day advance, it is simply an option to get from now to the end of the month without needing to worry about covering your expenses.

Loanski wage day advance loans

Simple criteria for a wage day advance

If you are 18 years of age or older, have an active bank account, you live in the UK and have a reliable source of income, you are eligible to apply for a payday loan using our innovative website.

Our website immediately gives you a much higher chance of being approved for your loan, try us now. You could only be a few clicks away from the financial boost you currently need.

Simple fast wage day application 

Our application form can take a few minutes to complete, it requests only the required information for a payday loan application, so the journey you take is quick, easy and as stress free as possible. Once you have submitted your application, we will then share this with our partner. They hold Europe’s largest payday lending platform, making most of the UK’s payday lenders available to you. If approved by one of their lenders, you will then be redirected to their page to complete the deal. You could then have your well-needed cash within a matter of minutes.

Loanski take applications form all levels of credit history. If you have poor credit, don’t be afraid to apply. The businesses we hold relationships with specialise on dealing with consumers with a poor credit history. If you are unsuccessful in your hunt for funds, our company leave no credit footprint.

wage day advance

Wage day advance loans UK Wide

No matter where you reside in the United Kingdom you can apply for a wage day advance with us, we cover the whole of the UK and we are 100% online which means you can apply from the comfort of your own home with no need to inform your employer or colleagues about your application. 

Wage Day Loans No Credit Checks

Our services are completely free to use. Again, our main focus as a business is to do what is right for the consumer, providing nothing but the best possible outcome available. Charging consumers has never appealed to Loanski. Making a consumers quest for a desperate financial inline, harder just isn’t our game.

Getting a wage day advance with no credit check isn’t exactly possible though, we do perform a soft check of your credit profile which leaves no foot print but once you have been approved for your advance loan you will be forwarded to the lender where they may perform further detailed checks on your credit profile which does leave foot prints but you will have been accepted so it’s all fine.

What are wage day advance loans

Wage day loans are commonly applied for to cover the costs of emergency expenses such as child care, mortgage payments, home improvements, debt consolidation, a new vehicle, vehicle repairs, to purchase expensive novelty items or to just simply get through the month comfortably.

Pretty much and single situation you didn’t see coming that has a financial impact but you don’t have the money to cover the costs could require you to get a wage day advance loan. Whatever the need, Loanski want to help you obtain that desired line of credit.


Wage day advance loan requirements

  • 18 years of age
  • UK resident
  • Have a sustainable income

If you wish to apply for your wage day loan now then simply head on over to our fast and easy form to complete your application for a loan.

So where did we come into things?

Loanski was built in early 2018, motivated to help people achieve their costly goals. We understand how stressful money can be. Let’s face it, the world revolves around currency. Let us take care of the tough bits. Simply complete our unique process. We will get you an instant decision!

There is no shame in obtaining a wage day advance

During the regular day-to-day life of the ‘average Joe’, at some point they may come across one, maybe fifty occasions where some sort of wage advance is urgently required, in order to get through the month.

This is okay! With costs of living sat firmly on the incline and wages at a stand-still, this can be looked at as a normal expectation. It is a known fact that over 14 million people are currently in poverty. That comes to every 1 in 5 people from the United Kingdom.

These figures are massive! Being short of funds to pay for what may be looked at, as the simple things people take for granted is nothing to be ashamed of.

Millions of people are in the same shoes

Out of the 14 million, 8.2 million of these people are young, working adults, 1.9 million of them are pensioners and 4.1 million of them are unfortunately children. 8 million people live in a family with at least one member being employed, yet still living in poverty.

These in-depth figures may be surprising, but the point is that you are not alone. with 65 million people currently living in the UK, 14 million is a large chunk of that amount.

If you are not privileged with a supportive, of wealthy family available to loan you the cash, an advance on your wages may be the only option. Short term loans taken out through our website have helped a lot of people. Our only advice would be to apply with care, as an irresponsible amount of credit applications have been known to put consumers in an even worse position.

Emergency boiler repairs

Boilers: Pricey! A cash advance might be your only option. When discussing the masses instead of individuals, payday loans are often required for boiler repairs. Boilers statistically break down more often in the winter than they do in the summer. Why is this? The obvious answer to that would be that boilers tend to work overtime in the winter to keep properties warm. But there is much more to it than that. There is a pipe in a boiler, which removes steam and condensation from the inside of your boiler called the condensate pipe. This pipe often freezes shut under cold weather conditions and completely prevents your boiler from working. Boiler repairs can cost roughly around £150 if you are looking at minor issues. However, a lot of the time, much more serious repairs are needed and in some cases, boilers need to be replaced. This is also part of a standard routine, as boiler’s have a life span of around 10-15 years, depending on the manufacturer. A complete boiler replacement can cost thousands of pounds. Our website will allow you to apply for up to £2000.

The list is endless for reasons to apply for payday loans. On the counter of that, the list could be endless for reasons not to apply. Our focus is providing nothing but the best possible outcome for our consumers.

Loanski are huge on customer satisfaction and would massively appreciate a review on the services we have provided you today.

Apply for a wage day advance now!

Applying for a wage day advance loan through our modern software gives you the highest chance of being approved because of the business relationships we hold, so don’t be afraid.

Apply now! Just remember to make sure that you know that you will have the money remaining after payday, when your direct debits have been taken out to pay back the agreed repayments. We want nothing but the best available outcome for yourself and others in a similar situation. Our team wish you the best of luck.

 Advantages of using Loanski
Loan Amounts£100 to £2000 ^High Acceptance Rates
Application Decision Time3 Minute Automated Decision!100% Online No Paper Work!
Payout TimeAs fast as 10 Minutes! ^SSL Secure Application
Fee For Application£0 We Don't Charge Fee's!Multiple Lender Platform
Poor Credit Score?All Credit Scores Welcome!No Obligation