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Poor credit history loans

If you have had problems obtaining a loan from a high street lender then it can make it difficult for you to find the financing you require. Perhaps you need to cover the cost of purchasing a new vehicle or repairing a vehicle or you might need to carry out repairs to your home, whatever your needs might be, being refused a loan is worrying and frustrating. If you have a bad credit rating then it can prevent you from getting a loan but all is not lost because it is possible to get loans for bad credit individuals. Bad credit loans are designed for those who require quick finance but cannot obtain credit from mainstream lenders. They are designed to look at the bigger picture in order to determine whether the individual can afford the loan as opposed to determining whether they are a risk in the conventional sense.

Bad credit loans for those who have a bad credit record, usually provided by higher risking lenders who are willing to take more risk, these type of loans come a cost with higher interest rates because it is much harder to get a loan with bad credit so naturally the lenders willing to take such risks are doing so because they can make more money per loan in return for willing to take the risk.

Loans for bad credit no guarantor no fees instant decision

Taking out bad credit loans should only be for emergency reasons where no other option is available due to the high interest rate of bad credit loans we advise making sure you are without a doubt able to re-pay the money, if you are in any doubt consult with a financial adviser before taking such risks.

Why does a bad credit history prevent you from getting a loan?

If you have failed to obtain the loan that you require, then the chances are that you have a low credit rating, which is something that you may or may not have been aware of.

When the time comes for you to apply for credit from a bank or other loan provider, they will check your credit history as a way of assessing your risk and determining whether they should give you the credit you have applied for. If the risk is high, then they might believe that you will not be able to keep up with the repayments and that often leads to your application being refused. Most lenders will make their decision based on your credit file which they can obtain from credit reference agencies.

Of course, lenders take a number of factors into consideration when making their decision but your credit history will be the most influential factor as well as your current credit score. If you have a low credit score there is every chance that you won’t have your application accepted or approved but every lender is different, especially a lender that specialises in loans for bad credit with no guarantor. These loans are designed for those who have a bad credit history, offering them the option of being able to receive the finances they require.

What makes a loan for bad credit individuals so different?

These are loans that provide borrowers with the chance to obtain loans for bad credit, giving them an option and a chance to of being accepted. Unlike traditional loans, the application process is slightly different because it is not just about the credit rating of the applicant but more about whether they can afford the repayments.

These are still a financial commitment and so, responsible borrowing and lending is an important aspect of the whole process. However, bad credit loans offer an affordable alternative to high-cost loans that are available elsewhere while they offer the perfect option for those who have a poor credit history.

Taking out a bed credit loan can help in those times of need, if you are caught up in a financial problem and can repay the loan but just need it for a short fall to get you past a bill date or boiler repair until your wage comes then it can be a helpful option.

Advantage of bad credit loans

  • Bad credit history accepted
  • Can help with financial short falls

Disadvantages to bad credit loans

  • Higher interest rates
  • Can make situations worse in some cases

If you want to apply for a bad credit loan today then simply head over to the application form and submit your application to the automated loan search system.

There may be many reasons why you have bad credit, you may have missed payments and you now have defaults, you may have lost a job and had rent arrears.

Some of the reasons for bad credit are not always your fault and it’s quite sad to see people suffer through bad situations like the company you work for goes into administration and you lose your job but have financial commitments, sometimes the companies you have contracts with have little sympathy for the problem and demand money while damaging your credit profile.

No matter how bad your credit score is you can still apply for a bad credit loan, as long as your financial problem has passed and you are now able to repay any such loans you can apply with us and we will search for credit with a large list of lenders.

The advantages of this system is you have a much higher acceptance rate rather than applying for one lender at a time.

Required criteria for a bad credit loan:

  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Permanent UK address
  • Have a constant provable stable income

If you meet the required criteria you can apply for a bad credit loan right away just click apply and head over to our application form.

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